WindowWorks: Cada Guaraguao Tiene Su Pitirre

Status: Current
Type: WindowWorks
Content provider: WindowWorks
Photographer: Morris Malakoff

There is an expression in Puerto Rican Spanish: Cada guaraguao tiene su pitirre. According to ornithologist Virgilio Biaggi: “When, in Puerto Rico, we see a small bird pursuing and tormenting a large bird, especially a guaraguao, the odds are ten to one that the small bird is a pitirre.” The “guaraguao” is a hawk. The “pitirre” is a kingbird. When the predatory guaraguao invades the territory of the pitirre, this two-ounce bird defends her young in the nest with such ferocity that the startled hawk dives away in retreat. What this expression literally means is that every hawk has his kingbird. Every Goliath has his David. Two years ago a get to Houston after Hurricane Maria, change everything I knew. Today I’m in a better place. There’s no giant that can not be defeated. Just belive in your self.

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