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Roger Seward

Roger Seward was born, raised, and is now painting in Houston, TX. He is a self-taught creative focusing his production in acrylic paint on canvas. Roger is a deep thinker in life, but he tries to convey a light, simple, joy in his artwork. Subject matters for Roger’s work are rooted in scenes and sights around Houston. Most notable and recognizable themes are Houston fire hydrants and Houston’s grand trees. Roger also enjoys touches of quirk and surrealism, often including or hiding exotic animals in strange locales. The overall mission of his creativity is to produce laughter, a smile, and deeper thought in the viewer. Roger is a full time artist passionately practicing to hone his craft. Roger paints every day to improve his abilities and to maintain his sanity, often taking is easel out into Houston’s parks to receive and provide inspiration from his fellow Houstonians.

Artist's Work

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