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Westbury is located in the southwest part of Houston; north of U S 90, west of South Post Oak Road and the 610 and adjacent to the Fondren Southwest and Meyerland neighborhoods.

Brief History

Westbury was originally created in the 1950’s and was known for it shopping center “Westbury Square” which was considered to be the Galleria of its time. Westbury Square was designed to look like the Italian villa that developer Ira Burne visited while traveling through Europe. The shopping center included a pizza parlor, steak house, dinner theater, candle shop among other unique retail shops. Many of the Houston Oilers took up residence in the Madison apartments across the street from Westbury High School. You can also see remnants of the original Westbury Square design along Chimney Rock and West Belfort in a townhome complex which was designed to mimic Westbury Square.

The transition of the area began in the mid-70’s when Westbury Square started losing business to larger, air conditioned malls. Westbury was also hit hard by the recession of the 1980’s Houston economy which lead to a decline of multi-family housing and a decrease of money circulation within Westbury. Due to its financial problems, Westbury’s infrastructure began to deteriorate.

Recently, Westbury has experienced a rebirth of sorts as the area has become attractive to buyers forced out of pricier markets such as the Heights and Montrose. Westbury was named as the 2007 “Best Hidden Neighborhood” by the Houston Press.

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