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Tra’ Slaughter

I am a self-taught artist, from the lovely south-east coast of Texas, continuously learning and evolving my art as I go through life. Painting and creating art for me are as necessary as water and air. It is something I must do… and fortunately, art is my passion. It is a way to escape the day-to-day grind, but it is also my way of taking life and making it beautiful… no matter what the circumstance or situation, beauty resides in everything. Creating art is my way of finding that beauty, and releasing it back into the world. I look at painting as therapy and a means to express myself in a way and style that is my own. I find inspiration for art in daily-life and activities. As an artist, I see it as my duty and responsibility to show the everyday in a new way. I find beauty in the regular… regular people, doing regular things. From a stranger sitting at a bus-stop, to my daughter playing, to my pets lounging in a window sill. It could be a bird sitting on a fence post, or even a face in the crowd on the street. Beauty is everywhere. Finding it is all in how you look at it. There is always something interesting and beautiful in the most simple of actions and activities… and finding it and showing that to people through my eyes, well, that is my mission. To show people the beauty in the everyday around them. To show that regardless of what it is, there is beauty everywhere in everything.

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