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Hello and welcome to my head! I am Jade Hughes, StarvingHues, and I am a self-taught “artist”. I wouldn’t label myself as one because it’s not my profession but I enjoy creating it to visually please and inspire those who are afraid of giving it a chance.

My choice and “love-hate” in media is acrylic because it blends and dries faster. I would say that my love in creating is detailing. I try my best to be precise or close enough.

Born and raised in Houston, TX, I’ve always noticed the cities colorful side and was always amazed that individuals can display themselves for the city to see. So now I have the chance to do so.

Shy overall, I use art to express myself and it let’s other feeling welcome to question me which I don’t mind a little curiosity.

There’s always something to draw which is a blessing and a curse of itself. I say this because there isn’t a lot of time to just sit and let your pencil follow the lines to everything and it’s wonderful by just having so much to see and practice to become better.

I don’t like it when people would become envious of what I can do. It gets under my skin because it’s all about practice. If you don’t push yourself to your potential, you’ll always stay on the same loop forever.

I look forward to opening eyes and mouths for others to just question what I do and where my mind is set. I would label myself versatile because I’m willing to adapt myself in any media and always look forward from learning from others.

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