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Samara Barks (Austin, TX)

Samara (Sam) Barks is an accomplished freelance illustrator, muralist, 3D artist and mentor. She’s been able to hone and enhance her eye for design through her time as a Senior Artist in creative fields that range from product to exhibit design. Her illustration and fine art styles are a mix of exaggerated realism with a graffiti feel. Through her art, she creates work featuring people of color, specifically black people, in spaces where they aren’t likely to be seen. Representation matters isn’t just a saying, it’s a driving force behind much of her narrative. She created Mixed Hues, to fill a very real need of seeing more representation of black people in two communities she’s passionate about: art and roller derby. As a retired derby skater herself, you can find this native Detroiter (now Austinite) at the local skating rink or learning to carve at the skate parks in and around Austin.

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