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Alisson Terreros

Alisson Terreros is a student at Westchester Academy with an interest in Graphic Design and Business. The mural design “Stained Glass Butterflies” was created for Newspring’s Student Art Auction Poster Competition held in April of 2020. When Newspring was asked to submit a design to MetroNational for a possible mural, the Newpsring directors could think of no better design than Alisson’s that won the poster competition. Of Alisson’s winning design she says, “Designing this mural design was really funto do.” I thought, “Why not make something simple and colorful? I Decided to add some colorful butterflies to make it more interesting and stand out. I chose butterflies because it brought me back to the spring season: colorful and alive. It turns out that Newspring uses a butterfly in its logo to represent new beginnings and new possibilities.”

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